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Belvederes EOG-JUL.99

H. Upmann

Box of 25
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Magnum 50

H. Upmann

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H. Upmann History: The history of this brand began around 1840 when Herman Upmann, a banker and cigar aficionado invested in a cigar factory which served dually as a bank and cigar business. Following the failure of both companies in 1922, a British firm by the name of J. Frankau & Co. took over the factory until 1935 when it was sold to the Menendez y García Company... and so was the legend reborn.

Characteristically, H. Upmanns are mild to medium-bodied cigars great for the beginner’s palate. Their larger sizes are among the most coveted and sought after cigars in the world. A promising smooth, subtle and mild to medium smoke.


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