Selecting your cigars



Selecting Your Cigars

Choosing a cigar is a sensual process that involves your 5 senses:

Sight: The wrapper color is one factor that might determine your choice of a particular cigar. The various shades of color that can exist for the same cigar depend on a few different variants:

The Range in Color of a Cigar Depends on:

1) The manner in which the tobacco plant was grown: Shaded plants grow lighter leaves, while fully exposed plants grow darker ones.

2) The section of the plant the leaf came from: Bottom and middle leaves are lighter while top leaves tend to be darker due to increased sun exposure.

3) The fermentation period: The longer a leaf is fermented the darker it will become.

What's important to remember with Cubans is that the color of the wrapper has no effect on the strength of the cigar, as the real flavor comes from the bonche as wrappers are purely functional and mostly aesthetic.

The Color Range is as Follows:

Double Claro Green to Greenish Brown
Colorado Claro Tawny, Mid-Brown
Colorado Reddish, Dark Brown
Colorado Maduro Dark Brown, Very Dark Brown
Oscuro Very Dark Brown, Almost Black

Touch: Use your thumb and index finger to feel the resistance of the cigar's structure. It should feel firm yet springy to the touch. Stay away from brittle or cracked cigars these are dried out and redundant.

Smell: Open your nostrils wide to capture the rich aromas emerging from the box and from the foot of the cigar. The pre-light aromas are a promise of flavours to come.

Using your Ear: Rolling the cigar next to your ear can give you a clue as to the quality of the cigar's construction. This method helps you gain some knowledge of the tightness and structure of the bonche.

Intuition: Sometimes we just have a feeling about a cigar, an unstoppable urge that leads us to a gem.

Some other factors that influence a selection

Length of time: Choosing a cigar depends on the amount of time one has to smoke it. Make sure you know the time it takes to smoke a particular cigar you have bought. Generally Robustos are handy smokes taking only 30 to 45 minutes to smoke. If you have a couple of hours a Churchill is fit for the job.

Price: There are many cigars that are Cuban and affordable. Cuban cigars are the best in the world so even the cheaper brands are above average. When a Cuban cigar is expensive it is for a reason, usually because it is in high demand or it is difficult to come by on the market. Good luck and we hope you find your Cuban cigar !

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